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My name is Theresa and I am a permanent make-up artist in Vancouver, B.C. I have always been interested in the beauty industry. After getting my own semi-permanent make-up done and experiencing the convenience of it in my everyday life, I got intrigued to pick it up and learn it myself.  

A perfectionist at heart, I aim to ensure each client feels and looks their best. Appointments and consultations are never rushed, and there is high priority on detail. I take pride in taking the extra time to make things just right. 


  • Bachelor of Cognitive Science (Simon Fraser University, 2011-2016)

  • Diploma of Cardiology Technology (BCIT 2019-2022)

  • Sis Beauty Studio 3D Hairline & Lip Blush Certified (2021)

  • WHO - IPC for COVID-19 Certified (2021)

  • BARBICIDE Disinfection & Infection Control Certified  (2021)

  • ProBloodborne for Body Art Certified (2021)

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