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3D Hairline After-Care & Healing Process

It is impertinent that you follow your after-care to ensure color retention.

The final result depends on many factors such as the type of skin you have (oily, dry, or combination), your ability to follow the after-care instructions, and any medical conditions.

“Do your part to ensure the best results.”

If you are able to follow the after-care instructions with no medical complications affecting the healing process, the retained pigment color should be between 40-50% by the time of your touch-up appointment (roughly 4-6 weeks from the initial appointment).

Aftercare Instructions:

Day of the procedure:

30 minutes after your treatment, wash hair thoroughly by wiping with damp pad/gauze provided on the treated area in gentle, circular motions. Pat dry and apply a very thin layer of the after-care cream given to you.

Every hour after initial washing, please wipe the treated area with a clean, damp cotton pad. Pat dry and again apply a thin layer of cream. Continue this process until bedtime.

Just before you sleep, please do one final wipe, pat dry and cream. If you have normal to dry skin, please use plastic wrap on the hairline to keep them moist during the night.

**The ointment provided has roughly a 10 day supply of 3-5 times a day. After the first day, you do not need to apply as frequently. Only apply a very thin layer - it should be almost no cream visibility on the Q-tip. This has proven to result in the best pigment retention.

Day 2-7 After the procedure:

Every morning and night, please wipe treated area with clean, damp cotton pad. Pat dry and apply a very thin layer of the cream.

If area feels dry or tight, please repeat the above procedure.

What to Avoid for the first 7 days:

Do NOT wash, rub or touch your head for a minimum of 3 days after each session. Do NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally fall off. Picking can cause scarring and a patchy hairline.

During the first 7 days please AVOID ALL CREAMS (except the one given to you by your artist).

AVOID ALL MAKEUP in the fore head area.

AVOID WORKOUTS that involve sweating.


If you can, try not to wash your hair for 7 days.... but if you must, follow these instructions:

On day 4, you may wash your head with water only in the treated area.

On day 7, you may cleanse your head using a gentle facial cleanser. I generally recommend dermatologist approved and unscented cleansers such as Cetaphil.

AVOID HOT SHOWERS. Try for only quick shower without much steam, or cold showers. And no water near the procedure area!

What to avoid for 30 days:

Sunbathing, solarium, light therapies, chemical peels, fruit acids, microdermabrasion.

Avoid creams that contain regenerative factors such as Retinol A, Acid based creams (Glycolic, Hydraulic, etc.).

Avoid Hair Dying for 4 weeks (and also 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment).

What to always avoid:

Always avoid laser treatments over the treated area. Avoid use of antibiotics if possible, it will help fade the pigment color. Using SPF on your hairline will help with color retention.

The Healing Process:

Generally what to expect day 1 - 10:

*Skin healing rate differs one person to another.

Day 1-2. The hair line is about 20-25% bolder in color and thickness. There will be light swelling and redness.

Day 3. The hairline will begin to itch and will still appear thick.

**Remember not to scratch the area! Tap lightly if needed to alleviate any itchiness.

Day 4-5. Skin begins to flake and peel, when flaking occurs, the color will appear soft and grey. Do not worry as the color will come back a bit darker later.

Day 6-9. Color begins to stabilize and show. The color will be set when the healing process completes in about 4-6 weeks.

Failure to follow the aftercare instructions may result in loss of color or discoloration and will require more than one touch up appointment to remedy.

For any other questions, submit a question on my contact page!

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