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What does 3D Hairline Treatment Look Like?

The treatment/appointment is approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the size of the area being treated. It does not require any special preparation, and it includes the following steps.

- Consultation and pre-draw - Here we will determine which pigments will be used to match your hair color. We will pre-draw the area we will be tattooing using the most flattering shape to frame the face. Once you approve of the look, we will start the treatment.

- Cleaning the area - the hairline is generally a very oily area, so it needs to be cleaned properlly.

- Applying numbing cream to minimize discomfort. It takes roughly 20 minutes, and to ensure a seamless appointment, at this time we will be doing any necessary paper work (medical history consultation if needed, waivers, and any questions/concerns).

- The first round of blading - drawing each individual hair strands with the microblading tool.

- More numbing cream will be applied after if necessary.

- Second round of blading - we will go over the hairlines to ensure retention as well as add more detailed/increase the density of the hairline.

- You will wait for some time for the pigment to settle.

- Cleaning, checking the results and taking photos.

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